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Herbert  Frederick Coleman

(Known as Frederick Herbert Colman after birth)

Born 12th March 1904 London
Died 11th March 1984

Married 25th June 1933 to Queenie Ellen Lawrence
Peter Frederick Coleman
Sylvia Florence Coleman
Alfred Lincoln Coleman
Ellen Williams





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Notes on People in the picture

1 Grandmother of no 13
2 Francis Gertrude Gilbert (Nee Coleman)
3 Ernest Charles Coleman
4 Mrs Swatton linked to 5 (Family friends)
5 Mr Swatton Linked to 4
6 Albert Edward Faithfull
7 Ivy Faithfull (nee Lawernce)
8 William Thomas Lawrence
9 Alfred Lincoln Coleman
10 Florence Coleman sister of 11
11 Alice Colman sister of 10
12 Herbert Frederick Coleman
13 Queenie Ellen Lawrence see 15 looks like mother ?
14 Unknown
15 Mother of Queenie Ellen Lawrence
16 Marie Gilbert