Henrietta Charlotte Lucy Mangeon abt. 1817

Henrietta Charlotte Lucy Mangeon was born in 1798 to William Mangeon and Elizabeth Brest, they were hoteliers at the "Mangeon Hotel" or "Clifton in the mall" in Bristol. Henrietta was known as Miss Mangeon a singer and actress, she was the pupil of a Mrs Sarah Mountain. She performed on stage at The Drury Lane theatre 6th Dec 1816, as "Clarissa", in "Lionel and Clarissa" a comic opera by Charles Dibdin, she had mixed reviews. Henrietta married John Sherard Coleman of Bitteswell, Leics they had Henry Sherard Coleman 1819, Frederick William Sherard Coleman 1821, Fanny Sophia Coleman 1822, Edmund Thomas Coleman 1824, Henrietta Elizabeth Coleman 1825, Julia Sherard Coleman 1827, John Sherard Coleman 1828.
John Sherard Coleman (snr) died in 1828. Henrietta later married Charles Walker, (gentleman) sometime before 1832.
Henrietta Charlotte Lucy Mangeon was niece to German composer Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) as he was married to her aunt Harriet Mangeon (1796-1863), (Harriet could be William's half sister as his father possibly married again and thats why there is only 2 years between aunt and niece)
Henrietta died in November 1878 in Surrey
The original work was by Rose Emma Drummond