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Edmund Thomas Coleman



Son of John Sherard Coleman and Henrietta Charlotte Lucy Mangeon

Born 2/6/1824, Died 24/5/1892

Edmund Thomas Coleman facts - In first party to climb Mount Baker Washington.
He has a glacier named after him - "Coleman Glacier" many references on the internet re this.

First ascent.

Edmund Thomas Coleman, an Englishman who resided in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and a veteran of the Alps, made the first attempt to ascend the mountain in 1866. He chose a route via the Skagit River, but was forced to turn back when local Native Americans refused him passage

Later that same year, Coleman recruited Whatcom County settlers Edward Eldridge, John Bennett and John Tennant to aid him in his second attempt to scale the mountain. After approaching via the North Fork of the Nooksack River, the party navigated through what is now known as Coleman Glacier and ascended to within several hundred feet of the summit before turning back in the face of an "overhanging cornice of ice" and threatening weather. Coleman later returned to the mountain after two years. At 4:00 p.m. on August 17, 1868, Coleman, Eldridge, Tennant and two new companions (David Ogilvy and Thomas Stratton) scaled the summit via the Middle Fork Nooksack River, Marmot Ridge, Coleman Glacier, and the north margin of the Roman Wall.

Grant Peak is the main summit peak of Mount Baker, elevation 10,778 feet in central Whatcom County. It was named by Edmund T. Coleman for President Ulysses S. Grant in August of 1868. Mr. Coleman chose the names of American Civil War heroes for most of the prominent natural features of the mountain although he was a native of England. He was an enthusiastic mountain climber in Europe before tackling Mount Baker which he ascended upon his third attempt. -- Excerpt from: Tacoma Public Library Online Database, 2007, "Washington Place Names

He was also  an Artist with many pictures in print still available mainly of mountaineering mountain landscape themes
He was also a writer Books are still available to buy online