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The Sherard Family Tree
sometime listed as Sherrard, Sherwood, Scirrard, Schirard

Part of my Coleman Family Tree research

Very much work in progress as I am still researching the wider Coleman tree though the Colemans tree is related to the Sherard Family -  I am looking for the last link to match the two trees together.

Said to be derived from one Scirrard, who came with William the Conqueror, and obtained lands in Chester and Lancaster, England. As a local name, it may signify in Anglo Saxon, a high cliff; rocky heights, from Scearard.

The Sherard name is derived from the name "Sherwood" and with several other similar variations.

The Sherard Family tree PDF download
Stapleford Hall and Park (ancestral Home for over 500 years)
More on the "Earls of Harborough"



The "Earl of Harborough Coat of Arms" of which the Sherard's  held all 6 generations of this title. - This is now an extinct Earldom having run from 1719 - 1859